An evening with Martin Parr

An evening with Martin Parr

April 22, 2014
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An evening with Martin Parr

An evening with Martin Parr

Photography buffs are spoilt for choice in Paris this month, with Robert Maplethorpe at Le Grand Palais and Henri Cartier-Bresson at Centre Pompidou and the much talked about Martin Parr exhibition at Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

Over the past few years Maison Européenne de la Photographie have asked a number of big names in Photography (Edouard Boubat, William Klein, Bruce Davidson to name but a few) to capture life in Paris and Martin Parr is the latest to be set this grand task and he has not disappointed.

Martin Parr has been in the local Paris papers a lot recently because the people of Paris love his work and they want to know more.

Parr was born in Surrey, England  and was encouraged to take photographs by his grandfather. His focus is social documentary and his earlier projects documenting the social decline and distress of working class people during the Thatcher period in Britain also received accolades. He has the ability to capture the era by being true to reality, including everyday boredom, monotony of life but also the laughter and good sense of humour required to get through difficult times.

Like many photographers before him (Cartier-Bresson could be said to be the most accomplished) Parr has risen to the immense challenge of capturing the spirit & soul of Paris on film. In order to do so, he has included locals, visitors, monuments & museums.

In this fabulous collection of photographs you will see familiar scenes & iconic images, ranging from queues in front of famous monuments to extravagant fashionistas at fashion week. I think he has done an amazing job of representing life in the streets of Paris in humorous pictures. A fantastically accurate portrayal of a city we love.

We were lucky enough to meet Martin Parr at the end of our visit while he was patiently helping the general public with all sorts of photography related queries (even helping people with their smart phones) and signing books.

It was a wonderful and inspirational way to while away a couple of hours. We would happily recommend it to you all – the exhibition will be on until 25th May.

For hands on guidance to improve your photography skills, we have our own fabulous photographer, Meredith Mullins. She can help you capture Paris to become the next Martin Parr, or just create a really nice souvenir to put on your wall at home.

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