Cannes...Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures

Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures

February 25, 2015
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  • Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures
  • Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures
  • Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures
  • Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures

Cannes…Boutiques, beaches & hidden treasures

Why we love Cannes…

…Because Cannes can be a bit of a tricky nut to crack for visitors, our tour guides are all the more valuable. Cannes has far more than shops and beaches to offer, but going off the beaten track can be daunting for first timers unless they have somebody in the know to help guide them.

You’ll love this place…

…If you love shopping!! But also if you’re interested in looking past the glitzy veneer of this high-profile destination to learn about its history and to discover a less glamourous but very charming side to the town.

Our favourite places to eat…

…Although this may not come as a surprise, an alfresco beach meal would be our recommendation in Cannes. This is one of the rare places along the French Riviera where you can dine with sand (rather than pebbles) between your toes.

Best places for a drink…

Shop/boutique not to be missed…

…Although Cannes is most well known for its luxury boutiques, we prefer the market Forville, a bustling and authentic Provencal market where a fantastic mix of local characters, top chefs from luxury yachts and curious tourists cross paths. The produce is excellent and seasonal, so we challenge anyone to not come away inspired to cook or just to eat beautiful Mediterranean meals. The streets next to the market are also where the best butchers, cheese shops and wine shops are, so make sure to wander the area after then market.

Landmark not to be missed…

…The little cross on Palm Beach opposite the Lérins Islands would be easy to miss, but the story behind this landmark is at the origins of the world famous ‘La Croisette’ coastal road and at the heart of Cannes’ history. It’s always a pleasure for our guides to help visitors spot and understand something that they wouldn’t have found sightseeing alone…this is most certainly one of those places.

Hidden treasure…

…The islands just 10 minutes from the Croisette in Cannes is one of the Riviera’s best kept secrets. Completely unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful. Regular boat shuttles leave from the port of Cannes throughout the year, to both St Marguerite and St Honorat islands.

Head there of a long walk in autumn and winter or a day of swimming and picnicking in spring and summer.

Our favourite view…

…Unlike the old town in Nice, Antibes and Monaco, Le Suquet (Cannes’ Medieval area) is not often high on visitor’s sightseeing bucket list. However, it’s more than worth a stroll up the little Suquet hill to see the very best view in town. From the old castle tower (which is now part of a museum) a 365° panorama over the Croisette, Palais des Festivals, Lérins islands, port, sounthern Alpes and the Esterel hills. Spectacular!

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